Make-up shaming needs to stop: it’s not meant to be a mask nor is it meant to deceive. 

So within the past few weeks (and months) there has been a lot of articles shaming women for wearing make-up saying they’re trying to hide their true self and that it’s deceiving to men. 

I wouldn’t say it’s deceiving but you can tell that some people are wearing makeup. So I decided to be brave and take a before and after picture of myself to show that it’s not too deceiving, if you want to put it that way. 

  Before and after. So all I’ve accomplished to do is cover my breakouts (thanks, Mother Nature) and define my eyes. You can still tell that it’s me. 

I really don’t know why guys find this to be an issue since it has more to do with feeling good about yourself when you go out. Or at least that’s how I feel about it. I’m currently breaking out due to my time of the month so I feel conscious when I think that those areas are super noticeable (not to mention some scarring on my chin from past breakouts). 

Just think of it like that form fitting shirt that you look thinner in. Isn’t that just an illusion since you really don’t resemble that? Same concept. 

You are allowed to feel good when you go out and I will do the same. 

Mentioning that, currently headed to Virginia Beach for another round of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with the fiancé and a concert later tonight. I put on a black dress and he told me I looked like I was heading to a funeral. I just don’t think he should speak about female’s fashion anymore.   Black dress and gladiator sandals-your new funeral attire. 

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