First day of class? Not for me anymore! 

Parents on Facebook have been sharing pics of their kids’ first day of school photos all day. Even in my pharmacy program we started class 6 weeks earlier (thanks to being a year round program-but hey! I’m out a year early) and I took a pic during my first year of my “First day of the 6th week of class” while everyone else was posting their first day of class posts. 

   Sigh. I miss being this size. Thanks pharmacy school for all the extra cortisol! Well here is my first day of the work week pic. 

 I’ll probably never have a first day of class again. When I told the one pharmacist I was training with last week that I originally was pre-med she suggested I could always go back to medical school.

No thanks! 

I have more than enough debt from student loans (almost $200k) and I don’t need to more than double that for another doctorate degree where I won’t make much more than I am now just because I have both degrees. Although two of my classmates did go on to do that. More power to you guys! 

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