The “future” is now…my self realization. 

A lot of the reason I’ve fallen behind in working on this blog was because of my last year of pharmacy school, graduation and preparing for NAPLEX
Well I can say that is all behind me! 

I took my pharmacy law exam on September 3rd and eleven days later took the main pharmacy board-the before mentioned NAPLEX. 

I trained two days with a pharmacist where he essentially let me do everything and then worked on my own Friday and today. 

It wasn’t till today that it finally hit me: I’m really a pharmacist. 

It didn’t hit during graduation because really I only just had the degree. I was so worried about taking the boards that I somehow never let myself really think I could be doing this grown up registered pharmacist thing soon. 

When I got home tonight, my fiancé mentioned he went to see his parents today and how he’s noticed a difference in me lately. I’m just so relieved…I don’t have this dark cloud hovering over me anymore telling me how I may fail the boards and just prove to those who doubted me that they were right all along. 

I go back to my store (where I’ve been for the past year) on Tuesday and I’m so excited. I took off a few weeks to study so I haven’t been there in over a month. I left as an intern…and I’m returning as a pharmacist.  I survived! After my first night on my own. I didn’t even have a tech-and this store really needed one. Bittersweet moment-it was also World Pharmacists Day on Friday, September 25th. 

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3 Responses to The “future” is now…my self realization. 

  1. binhvo2847 says:

    How challenging was the NAPLEX? I hear they will change the format next year for us, starting with the class of 2016 :(. Which do you consider harder? NAPLEX or the law exam? and Why?

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