Pinterest: deconstructed- Roasted Orange and Corn cream soup 

So this past year I’ve really welcomed my domestic diva and I’ve been watching a lot of Chopped and cooking recipes I’ve found off Pinterest. 

Sometimes I combine the two. Like tonight. 

Now that I have all this free time (when not working of course) I’ve started really cooking again. I made this recipe last night and fell in love with the roasted orange slices. I knew I had to make something with roasted orange. 

And since it’s getting cooler outside and the fact that I can eat soup no matter the season I decided to make some kind of soup. 

After putting away my leftover chicken from last night’s recipe I saved the broth that was in the bottom of my roasting pan. Hold on to that…I’ll need it later. 

I took a can of unsalted yellow corn and the leftover orange slices on a baking sheet to roast at 400 degrees. I didn’t really time it but I did end up burning half the corn since I was busy doing something else as well. So make sure you keep an eye on those. 

In a big pot I put a stick of butter, chopped half of onion, half cup of fresh mushrooms, a pound of chopped asparagus, and another can of unsalted yellow corn. After 10 minutes of letting that simmer I took the broth from last night and added that to the pot with a cup of regular chicken broth. At this time I also added the little bit of roasted corn and orange slices and a pint of heavy whipping cream. Season with salt, thyme, rosemary and some lemon pepper. I just eyeballed these but I know not to go overboard   

Let that simmer for 20 minutes and dinner was ready. 


The oranges cooked down and gave this nice hint of flavor to the cream soup. 

I can’t wait to take this with me to work tomorrow. Hopefully it’s not too hectic and I’ll actually get time to enjoy and not just inhale my food. 


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