Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Brussell style. 

This weekend Russell and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary (it was Monday). I had told him I’ve never been to Virginia Beach despite it only being a 2.5 hour drive south of us. 

So that’s where he took me after I got off from work Saturday night. 

We stayed at a hotel where he got a great deal online. When we were driving down he told me when he called to confirm our details that morning he was informed we had a handicapped room with a king size bed but somehow when we got there we got a free upgrade to a jacuzzi room (still with a king size bed). Not too bad for his $85 deal. 

 Although the tub being right next to the bed was kind of weird. 

So we unpacked our things and headed out to dinner after changing.   Yes, he’s wearing flip flops with dress pants and a button down. He left his shoes home.  

We went to dinner at this place my friend, who lives in VA beach, recommended-Catch 31. It was pretty swanky and expensive but we don’t do this all the time so it wasn’t bad. 

But while we were taking about where to do brunch the next day he reminded me how we need to find a hobby that both of us can do. So he suggested we visit these places that are featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. And that’s what we did. 

So we found Citrus in VA beach and it didn’t disappoint. There was a 25 minute wait for a table so we sat in their back patio area and ordered some drinks. I ended up drinking 4 Spiked Arnold Palmers before noon. No regrets!  

When we finally got seated we saw the menu items featured on the show. I never saw this episode but it was neat to see what they made on the show.  

Russell almost ordered the soft shell crab Benedict but current market price was $22.95 so he passed. 

  But I did end up getting a veggie omelette and potato pancake. I would definitely recommend the potato pancake if you’re a fan of the starchy vegetable. 

This trip didn’t disappoint and we’re excited to start planning more local trips before planning longer trips to visit other parts of the country. 

P.S. “Brussell” is the name that my friend gives to any mention of future kids that myself (Brandy) and Russell may have. I’ve just adopted it for our nickname since I’m still adamant that I don’t want kids. 


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Why your prescription will NOT be guaranteed in 15 minutes or less. 

So now that I can work full time again (but still not as a pharmacist until I take and pass my pharmacy boards-NAPLEX) I’ve been taking full advantage of this. I actually asked my boss if I could do a few 12 hour shifts (to prepare myself for the next 40 years or so) and ended up working my first full day yesterday. I survived…but it will be a slight adjustment.   

Yesterday’s progression: Happy & shiny right before going in at 9am, still somewhat energized at lunch (3pm), then definitely ready to get out of the store by 9pm. 

We’ve been pretty busy lately…but that just means it’s good news for job security. And since we are one of these pharmacies that have a drive thru that just holds us up when it comes to filling prescriptions in the time we told you to come back. Years ago I remember a few pharmacies that had this 15 minute wait time guarantee but that’s just not realistic. And sometimes explaining it to someone who doesn’t work behind the pharmacy counter still doesn’t get it as well. At one point I was stuck at the drive through with 5 cars in line. It was just the pharmacist and I (the one tech had already left for the day) so he was tending to drop off, filling, checking and then waiting on patients at other register. If the first person in the drive thru drops off a script to be filled, I can’t get to it while waiting on the next 4 cars so it most likely may not be ready in 15 minutes. Even if my pharmacist took the script to fill he still had other priorities such as prescriptions he may be working on before this one or patients picking up scripts. 

I’m not trying to whine about how hard it is…it’s not but I think it would be nice if patients understood what exactly we are doing back here. It’s not just slapping a label on the bottle. We only wish it could be that simple. Insurance is a big thing that holds us up. You may bring in a new insurance card and I enter the information that’s on it but that information that the insurance company provided still isn’t right. I spent 10 minutes on the phone with an insurance company who had different information on the card they sent the patient and then by the end learned that their insurance wouldn’t even work at our pharmacy. Thanks for letting me know when I first called. And this can happen more than once a day. 

Not to mention if the doctor wrote for a medicine but didn’t include clear writing (we’ve all seen doctors’ handwriting), confusing directions, wrong strength or just left off information-that means we need to call the office and get it straight. And sometimes you can’t get through to the doctor…you have to leave a message with one of the nurses with hopes that they’ll get back to you soon. 

After we’ve entered your prescription and insurance into the computer we can fill it. That’s generally the easy (and less time consuming) part but if you have multiple prescriptions you dropped off it will take a while to process them all and fill. Not to mention if we were currently working on another prescription when you first walked in. 

So ultimately your prescription may take a little longer than we told you but it’s not because we’re twiddling our thumbs back here. We also don’t want to be rushed to ensure that we don’t make mistakes-some mistakes may be fatal.

So please be patient with us and we’ll get you the correct medication so that you can return another day. 
 And on another note… 

I work for one of those companies that require you to wear their company colors. So why not have fun with what you do wear? Although my feet were killing me by the end of the day so I will not be wearing these shoes again to work. 

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Breaking Point 

He’s “relaxing”-

She cries. 
He checks out the girls as they walk on by. 
She sits at home with her tissues and wine. 
While he parties it up and doesn’t pay her any mind. 
“I love you” and “forever” was his mantra at one point. 
Now it’s “It is what it is” and “I just need a break”
She lies back and remembers the lies he spewed. 
How he cared and he loved and “I’ll do anything for you”
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Your indecisiveness holds me back 

Like when two magnets’ south pole ends meet-
I feel like repelling,
Talk, talk, talk-
It’s all I hear;
Big goals and dreams and things you want to achieve;
Yet you’ve never even started. 
You say some things-
Then take them back. 
Said you never meant them at all
Or the emotions that they’ve caused. 
But what do you really mean? 
Which words are true and which are merely talk? 
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You suffer from inadequacies 
You try to compensate-big car, big house, big job. 
You fill your head with things that aren’t there. 
You build this image ten times bigger than it actually is-
Mountains out of mole hills.
You alienate with your gloating ways. 
How do you really feel? 
You’re just a napoleon looking up at all of us. 
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Family time=”I need a drink” time 

So last Saturday at my graduation party, Russell’s mom cornered my parents and asked when we could all meet to discuss our wedding. The last time we tried planning a dinner night to do this my mother told me the day before that they couldn’t make it (most likely because my dad had just been fired and you would think money was tight but they still went on their Florida vacation the next week…but that’s none of my business). 

So it looks like we’re going easy on everyone’s wallets and having a cookout at our house this evening. 

This will call for wine. 

Right after we got engaged Russell’s parents invited us to dinner and ganged up on me for not wanting to have kids. I should have been drinking during that event too. 

Since I moved in with Russell last year my parents haven’t seen our house. Or at least the inside. They did pick up my car and take it to the airport for me once but that was about it. I’m worried about my dad coming over and being highly critical honestly. Despite what I think we seem to take care of the place-my friends came over one night this week and said so to confirm. But knowing my father he’ll find something to complain about when him and my mom are on the way back home. 

I’m happy…why can’t he just accept that. 

Although them possibly offering to help with some portion of the wedding costs would be nice too. Otherwise I’ve learned to expect anything from them and I know we have this covered without their help. 

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No, not really. This is a popular pharmacy student Tumblr account where they post memes and GIFs about the pharmacy school struggle…but that no longer applies. 

Because I graduated!  

    You can now call me Dr. Brandtastic, BS, PharmD. 

But I’m not a pretentious snot and no one really addresses pharmacists as “Dr.” so I’m still just Brandy. But it does make for a fun title. 

Our PharmD hooding ceremony was Thursday night-only the 48 pharmacy graduates and their family and friends attend the ceremony and dinner. Then graduation was the next day. However only about 20 people (myself included) walked at graduation since most felt they already graduated the night before. And essentially we did-we aren’t forced to walk with the rest of the campus but it’s highly encouraged. 

Then Saturday night was  the night of my graduation party thrown by my loving fiancé.  I actually think I made him feel guilty because my parents wouldn’t do it so he stepped up instead. This was a big deal for me and I hated feeling like it was just being passed over. But he did a good job planning it and even getting both sets of our parents to attend.  


Now I just need to pass NAPLEX and the state law exam and I’ll be all set. 

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