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Pharmacy humor 

When patients ask you how long their prior authorization will take.    Advertisements

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Why your prescription will NOT be guaranteed in 15 minutes or less. 

So now that I can work full time again (but still not as a pharmacist until I take and pass my pharmacy boards-NAPLEX) I’ve been taking full advantage of this. I actually asked my boss if I could do a … Continue reading

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We are Phamily!

I just witnessed a very touching moment before my class let out for our lunch hour.  Our one Dean went out on maternity leave this week and we were just updated on the birth of her new addition this morning. … Continue reading

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First “business day” feelings of 2014

So my second day of the new year started off great…if you like the tiring effects of insomnia that is. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with insomnia for years but found it was helpful with staying up late at night … Continue reading

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