Valentine’s Day is coming…and so are my bad stories, part 2


JT was this younger guy I messaged online despite what my gut was telling me. I had briefly dated a younger guy a few months prior (right before the Juicehead, D) and realized that there really was something to say about dating someone who wasn’t as emotionally mature as you (not saying that it’s not possible to be young and mature, but in my experience thus far I’ve noticed that the younger guys are not as emotionally advanced).  JT was immature, but a smooth talker. We texted for a couple weeks before deciding to finally hang out (yes, hang out because I guess he wasn’t old enough to go on a date?). He worked nights at the one hotel in town and our work schedules kind of cancelled each other out so it was more of on a whim when he text me asking if I wanted to come over to hang because he happened to be off from work.

So I ended up going to his place to hang out…it wasn’t even a real date. He wanted to talk in person and ended up putting on the news and telling me his opinions about everything that was being discussed on the television. He did end up trying to make out with me, but by this time I was tired from being stuck in lecture all day that I found a way to end up going home. Over the next week he then tried to send me sexy text messages with the hopes that I’d participate by sending more back or just hopping in my car to go back to his place for something more. The week that he bombarded me with these wasted messaged happened to be an assessment week where I’m already stressed from all the studying and having some immature little jerk try to distract you with taunts of seeing his little penis (because sadly he did send a pic of that) wasn’t helping any. I ended up telling him I wasn’t going to just be his friend with benefits and that I had other things that were more important at the moment rather than texting him back all night. I got so heated from the nerve of JT that I posted some screen shots on my twitter of the conversation. I cropped out his name and even if any of my twitter friends ask, they wouldn’t have known who he was. But it seems out he was creeping on me instead of vice versa and ended up thanking me for not blasting his name on twitter. I never heard back from him after that. Maybe he’s actually grown up since then and knows what a real date is other than some “hang out” session where he talks about politics. Either way, I don’t care to know. I should have known he was trouble when I saw the 3 year age difference. 

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